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There are a number of key issues facing Mundelein. See below for more information. 


We MUST continue to invest in our own community to support Mundelein’s residents and future growth.

Storm Sewers

It was a flood in 2017 that got me involved in the Village of Mundelein. My neighborhood flooded, and not for the first time. Since then, the Village of Mundelein has taken steps to correct the most proboematic area, but there is still more work to be done!

Storms have continued to get more fierce and rainstorms continue to drop more and more rain. Smart planning can revitalize an area, make space for community, while still being conscious of impervious ground and storm water detention or retention. 


Most of Mundelein’s streets have curbs, but not all! This may seem like an odd item list while running for office, but rest assurd it’s an important one. Curbs control rain and storm water, diverting it from people’s homes and property to a storm sewer designed to mitigate flooding. 

The Village of Mundelein has a streets program that resurfaces or rebuilds roads in the community. Curbs are added during rebuilding and this work must continue to be funded adequately. 


Roads are one of the most visible components of Village goverment. While driving through a community you’ll notice whether the roads are maintained or if you’re weaving through potholes like you’re playing a video game. 

For many years the Village of Mundelein has underfunded the road/bridge – streets fund. Over the past few years the Village Board has voted to increase the amount but we’re still falling short of the necessary funds to adequatly service our roads. We need to continue to invest in our infrastructe. Doing so before the infrastructe fails saves taxpayers money in the long run!

Fiscal Management

Our finances are STRONG and continued savings and the sale of Village owned property will continue to support Mundelein and road spending.


Currently, the Village is expecting to have about 46% of the annual opperating budget in reserves at the end of the fiscal year. This is up from overspending by past boards coming into 2020 but still not quite to the Board’s goal of 50% – six month’s of opperating budget. 

The current Board has taken steps to put $2 million back into reserves over the past to years – a million each year. If the COVID 19 Pandemic taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the unknown. In municiapl goverment we can be prepared by being fiscally responsible with adequare savings.

Village Owned Properties

The Village of Mundelein owns a number of properties in the downtown area and throughout the village. Over the past few years the Board has sold a number of parcels. Yes, sold! Not given away (or sold for $1) – a change to past practice. 

The Village of Mundelein should continue to sell it’s excess land and encourage development through our tax increment financing districts.

STOP Buying Properties

In the nearly four years serving as a Trustee I’ve voted in favor of very few land purchases. Namely a home that had fallen into disrepair which we sold to The Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County (losing no money). The second was for a “Pocket Park” on Park Street. This land created a community gathering space.

I will continue to oppose land acquistion just to own property. The Village of Mundelein should not use taxpayer dollars to gamble on real estate speculation. 


It’s time to focus on the growth of businesses, builders, developers and ultimately new residents. Let’s continue Mundelein’s growth!

Business Growth

We’ve seen a number of new business moving to Mundelein. As we continue to grow our resident base we’ll continue to see more, especially in our downtown area. The downtown designs focus on a walkable community and that drives economic growth of restaurants, coffee shops, night life, and more!

Fiscally Smart

Smart Developments

All new developments must be self-sufficient. What does that mean? It means that future developments should create enough tax revenue to support it’s draw on Village resources. Past and current developments – Single family homes on .20-.25 acre lots do not pay enough in property taxes to main resources. 

These resources include:

  • Sewer maintenance
  • Water line maintenance
  • Roads
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Snow Plowing
  • and more!

The way to combat this deficit is through density. 

Smart Development Assistance

There are a number of way to incentivise developers and we MUST find a ways that smart for the taxpayer and only support developments that can prove financial need.

As Mundelein continues to be redeveloped, other developers will be watching closely. We’re on the cusp of major growth in Mundelein’s downtown and on our West / North-West sides.


Density, homes on smaller lots, or even condo buildings, create more tax increment per acre than standard developments.

Now, this type of home isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy having a home on the large lot. But, others like condo living or compact developments that don’t have much yard space to care for. Creating a varied housing stock invites a varied demographic to our community – truly something for everyone.


You should hear from your elected officials. Whether in the boardroom or after, it’s important to know the WHY behind their votes. 

Mundelein Minute

In an effort to communicate with the residents of Mundelein, Kara Lambert and I set off to revitalize a previous video project – Mundelein Minute. Over the past several years we’ve grown Mundelein Minute into a full & short length podcast series published after each board meeting. We discuss the facts and our reasons for voting how we did. We’re over 50 episodes in will continue Mundelein Minute in the future. You can find Mundelein Minute at the links below:


In 2019 I ran with a focus on communication. Over the past four years I’ve made myself available to anyone who has questions, or wants to have a conversation regarding a topic. I pledge to keep my cell phone number and email updated and will remain available.

Civility in Civics

In today’s political climate, civility in civics is something we should expect from our elected representatives. We should all aim to listen more than speak and try to understand each other’s points of view. We can agree to disagree and have a different way to reach our goals – and we can do all these things civally. It’s not just ideals – it’s practical. 

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